4 ways to grow your business using technology

4 ways to grow your business using technology

In today’s world, technology has proven to be a leading factor in the growth of many giant economies. Technology has been an effective tool in the growth and advancement of many businesses.

It has become very essential overtime due to its improvement of lives and livelihood. If you have a start-up business or you may be looking for ways to grow your business, here are ways to make optimal use of technology:


Communication remains one of the most important factors in business. The need for business owners to communicate with their customers and publics has become of utmost importance in the world of business today.

Technology however, has made it easy for organisations to communicate with their customers through the use of email, mobile phones, text messaging services and most especially social media.

These tools would help you reach and communicate with your customers and prospective customers as well as make it easier for you to put your products and services out there, it would also help to introduce new products you have for your customers.

This would in turn improve your business, communication technology has overtime proven to be a major factor in the growth of many businesses.

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Use technology to have a competitive advantage over your competitors. Competition in business will eventually result in business growth. Technology helps businesses to have an edge over competitors.

Technology has been made accessible to everyone unlike before where only the wealthy and big business owners could have access to advanced technology.

You can use technology to best serve your customers by finding out their demands and finding ways to best serve those demands. Technology can be used to find out what your competitors are doing and what they have not done, this would give you an edge over your competitors because this way, you can do what they are not doing as well as do what they’re not doing right which would improve your business.


Technology helps to increase effectiveness and efficiency amongst employees, it helps employees to perform more than one task thereby making work easier and less stressful. This has produced good results ever the years for many businesses.

You can use technology to improve the Interaction between employees, to make quick decisions that would benefit the company’s growth. Technology helps to provide more work accuracy as humans are prone to errors and mistakes. With internet, computer and telephone, a business is good to go.


Most times, it becomes difficult to keep track of employees especially when dealing with a big business with many staff. Technology will help you keep track of the performance of your employees so as to enhance more productivity.

Observation has shown that humans perform better under supervision. This could be done with the use of CCTV and monitoring devices at work.

Technology can be used to supervise the activities of employees and keep them on their feet so as to achieve better results for your business.

You can also make use of technology to discover talented employees on job listing portals and job search platforms. Human resource managers can get talented employees with maximum qualifications through the use of technology that would help to grow their businesses

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