About Us

SCELNETWORK is a flagship product of Sophia Company Enterprises Limited. An organization championing the course of the cashless policy by CBN of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We render Mobile Financial Services, Financial Linkages and Financial Intermediation with a view to bring banking services close to the populace. We have range of services designed to address the business challenges that face SME, Business Organizations and Institutions. We use mobile payment solutions to drive our business objectives.

In Nigeria and some other parts of the World, consumers do not have ready access to banking and other financial services. We have these services delivered to them through our network all over the country. We are equipped with network centers where agents accept cash from consumers, and deposit it in stored value accounts. The agents can then make transfers or bill payments on behalf of consumers to other recipients or the consumer can use their own mobile phone to interact directly with their own funds. Recipients are automatically notified when they receive funds, and visit agents to collect cash.

We also uses the same platform to facilitate a network of agents located across the country who also use their mobile phones to provide various cash based services to the local population.
We provide a unique person-to-person payment solution (P2P) for consumers enabling them to access and manage a wide range of personal payment and banking services through their mobile phone and ATM card.

OUR’s agency services includes training of agents to effectively and efficiently offers domestic transfer solutions for a wide range of financial.

l products and services including local tax collection, pension, wages or other Government payments, insurance or healthcare premiums, micro-finance services and many others.

  • Reduced capital and headcount spend as we provide an outsourced solution.
  • Expensive paper-based processes can be eliminated, reducing printing, distribution and fraud costs.
  • Improved information giving ability to drive new revenues and motivations for sellers and buyers.
  • Identify which distributors are selling best, and reward appropriately, leading to a higher volume of transactions and sales.
  • Fully compliant with all local and international regulations.
  • Low and affordable transaction fees make the service competitive and highly attractive.

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