Construction by quacks causes project failure –Awobodu

The newly elected President of the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB), Kunle Awobodu, has said that his administration will endeavour to secure standard sites for building students on industrial training to make them have a grasp of the tenets of the profession.

Speaking during his investiture as the 20th President of NIOB, Awobodu said any society that allows the construction of its buildings to become an ‘all comers’ affair’ is bound to experience project failures in its various manifestations, adding that the pledge of NIOB to Nigerians is the development of competent builders.

He noted that when experts scan the skyline of Nigerian cities, he would appreciate the concept of Nigerian architects, but would be depressed by lack of precision in the shapes of some buildings, especially finishing. He noted that such a complaint could only emanate from buildings that did not pass through the sieve of trained builders.

According to him, it will be counterproductive for the growth of the construction industry if competent builders are not engaged. “When the number of buildings being constructed in Nigeria is juxtaposed with the number of trained builders, there seems to be a missing link. Quacks are occupying the space meant for competent builders. It is only in a nation that lacks a veritable building code and effective mechanism for the implementation of building regulations that such an aberration could exist,”he said.

He promised that the new leadership of the NIOB will sustain the culture of inculcating standard building practice in the institute’s new corporate members. “The NIOB with a dynamic modality will promote creativity and innovation among its members for the overall benefit of the nation. We will move to defend the interest of our members and our nation for safe building products through safe and sound building practices. We will prioritise safety of men and buildings above other interests. We will collaborate with all stakeholders for orderliness and professionalism in the built environment. Please let all men of good will join us in this journey to develop our profession, our industry and our fatherland.

“The major problem confronting the nation’s built environment is the attitude of not understanding and appreciating the importance of appropriate building production management. Any society that allows the construction of its buildings to become the ‘all comers’ affairs’ is bound to reap a bountiful project failure in its various manifestations.

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