Crowds still throng Ajimobi’s office despite APC’s governorship election loss

Crowds still throng Ajimobi’s office despite APC’s governorship election loss

Despite losing in the Oyo South Senatorial election and his party losing in the governorship election, crowds of people are still scrambling to see the outgoing Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi.

From morning till evening on any day of the week that the governor is in the office, crowds of people including members of groups, associations, religious leaders, politicians and contractors are still thronging the Governor’s Office, to discuss issues, projects and politics.

It is believed that some of them are meeting with the outgoing governor to conclude ongoing projects, issues and other leadership matters which are time-bound.

As at press time, the governor in his capacity as the Chief Executive still played host to people from all walks of life.

To say the least, Governor Ajimobi seems not to forget that he still has the power, running the affairs of the state till the midnight of May, 28 and he never fails to do, as he even takes delight in informing anyone who cares to listen that he is  still the man in charge.

This may account for the reason why his house and office still look like a Mecca of sort to politicians, political associates, corporate bodies, groups, institutions, partners amongst others.

Instead of feeling deserted, the governor till date still faces the ‘challenge’ of attending to people who often throng his office and even personal residence for various reasons.

Some believe that those who still besiege and run after Governor Ajimobi, barely three weeks to the end of his tenure, could be doing so to attract last-minute favour or privileges given the fact that his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is controlling the Federal Government. Particularly, since the commencement of the Ramadan, the governor has continued to host fellow Muslim faithful from all walks of life as his culture since 2014. They join him to break their fast.

The governor still sometimes work into the night in the office along with members of the State Executive Council, an indication that the seriousness and commitment with which the team started the work is not cooling off.

Commenting on the situation, the Special Adviser to the governor on Communication and Strategy, Mr Bolaji Tunji, explained that his principal was comfortable with the crowd gathering around him. He added that he is used to it, being a man of the people.

As a good leader, Tunji explained that Ajimobi welcomes everyone that has genuine ideas to discuss as well as issues that require attention.

According to him, that crowds still mill around him is an additional sign of his popularity among his people.

This situation was in contrast with that of Governor-elect, Seyi Makinde, whose Ikolaba Estate residence was deserted for weeks until last week when he returned from vacation in the United States of America (USA).

When our reporter visited his house and Idi-Ape Omi Tuntun office, both buildings were deserted.

Our reporter gathered that his absence made people stay away because there is nobody to attend to them.

His house had earlier become popular, receiving hundreds of visitors daily. But that stopped since he travelled since early April. But Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members sometimes hold meetings at the office.

But the situation changed again last week on his return. His residence has since become a Mecca of sort for different people seeking one form of favour or the other. When asked, his spokesman, Prince Dotun Oyelade, said: “The Governor-elect is no stranger to crowd upsurge and its physical and psychological management.

“I think it was John F. Kennedy who said that success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. That summarizes the issue.

“Seyi makinde can sift the chaff from the wheat and while he respects and appreciates those new faces of millions around him now, he’s well aware that the journey didn’t just start now.

He is well prepared for the future and he is not overly excited about the enthusiastic crowd.

He is far more sober and reflective about fulfilling the desires of the massage, and he will

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