Sophia Company Enterprises Limited widely known as ScelNetwork is a Limited liability and Multi-purpose Co-operative society. It has the mission to provide an absolute export and import trade with the aim of fostering a better product and services. The enormous abundance of resources & opportunities that exist between Europe, Poland German, UK, USA, Asia and West African Countries in area of raw/organic, processed agro-allied products such as food/agricultural raw material and so on is our interest.

Our company gives priority to high quality that meets international standard and we poised to promptly meet customers demand. We are registered with all relevant government regulatory bodies to ensure that our clients are treated with respect.

We are into supply of agro allied product such as: Garcinia-Kola, Hard Wood Charcoal, Cassava Chips, Cassava flour, Garlic, Garri, Cow Gallstone, Ginger, Honey, Mellon Seed, Sessame Seed, Soya Beans ,Beans, Coconut Shell, Rice Husks, Wood Husks, Palm Oil, Cashew Nut, GroundNut, Dry Hibiscues, Dry Chilli Pepper, Dry Shrimps, Okra and Shea butter.

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