Firms partner on baking enhancement

Firms partner on baking enhancement

By Chinyere Okoroafor


Two firms, Cormart Nigeria Limited, involved in chemicals and food raw materials, and AB Mauri, a global baking company, to distribute high-quality baking products in Nigeria.

Cormart Executive Director Martin Middernacht: “We are excited about this new partnership with AB Mauri.

“These products are targeted at bakers and confectionary makers in the Nigerian market.

“We are committed to supporting local production in Nigeria across all spheres,” he said.

General Manager Dr Johannes Flosbach explained that both companies are looking to leverage on each other’s strengths and abilities.

“Cormart and AB Mauri look forward to many successful initiatives together.

“We will continue to deliver world-class quality solutions and services to help bakers become more efficient and profitable,” he said.

The AB Mauri’s products are Mauripan Gold Instant Dry Yeast and Activa 10 Bread Improver.

The Mauripan Gold Instant Dry Yeast is well regarded worldwide as one of the best yeasts for bakers.

It has a much longer shelf life than fresh yeast and no refrigeration is required. It is fast-acting yeast with results that provide good quality and increased quantity.

The Activa 10 Bread Improver is recognised for its consistent quality results, bread softness extender, improved freshness, dough tolerance and increased gas retention capacity.

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