Ford Mustang recalls  broken brake pedals

Ford Mustang recalls broken brake pedals

By Tajudeen Adebanjo


A total of 38,005 Ford Mustangs will need to go back to the dealership as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published documents last week announcing a new recall for the pony car.

According to Ford and the NHTSA documents, the 2020 Mustangs in question may feature broken brake pedals.

During a “sudden stopping,” the brake pedal brackets may fracture and leave drivers with reduced stopping power.

However, the automaker said it’s not aware of any crashes or injuries related to this new recall.

Ford noted the problem was only related to Mustangs with an automatic transmission.

According to the documents, the brake pedal bracket materials changed from nylon to polypropylene for Mustangs equipped with an automatic transmission. Ford cited “insufficient design margins” for the potential problem.

Mailed noticed began making their way to the 38,005 owners, which will instruct them to bring their car to a Ford or Lincoln dealer. There, a technician will replace the brake pedal bracket assembly free.

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