Jonathan’s ally: ‘why I  left Bayelsa PDP’

Jonathan’s ally: ‘why I left Bayelsa PDP’

By Raymond Mordi


A political ally of former President Goodluck Jonathan and former Speaker in the old Rivers State House of Assembly, Chief Claudius Enegesi, said he jumped ship, prior to the recent governorship election in Bayelsa State, to strengthen the All Progressives Congress (APC) to win the contest.

Speaking after the declaration of the APC’s David Lyon as the winner of last Saturday’s election in Bayelsa State, the former stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogbia Local Government Area  expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the poll. He said: “I thank Bayelsans from the bottom of my heart for voting for the APC. For the first time in this country, the people have chosen light from darkness, without inducements. In unison, Bayelsans said no, enough is enough; we must move forward. If you go into the villages and communities, you will see that everybody is happy.

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“Voluntarily, they came out to vote. They were induced by the PDP because the party had a lot of money at its disposal. The electorates collected the money but went ahead to vote for the APC. They said this is our money. We were told before the election that there was no money, now it is time to vote, they are bringing out the money. We will collect it and do the needful.”

On why he abandoned the PDP and joined the APC, Enegesi said he left the party because of its primitive style of governance. He added: “At this age of development in this country and in this world at large, politics is played as if the hand of the clock has been reversed hundred years ago; medieval politics. It is unacceptable. In a state like Bayelsa, what we really need is development. Since we have the resources, we don’t need anything else. You’ve gone around Yenagoa, our state capital; there is nothing to show for the resources that have passed through the state in the last eight years. Yenagoa is still a glorified village.

“It is very disheartening that a young man who was out obscurity given the responsibility to govern the state has rather ruined it. While all these were going on, we counseled him that this is not supposed to be so. His attitude was that of a man who knows it all. But I had to say no because I am in politics for the development of my people.”


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