Looking inwards post Covid-19 for leisure

Looking inwards post Covid-19 for leisure

Looking inwards post Covid-19 for leisure

As the world begins to reopen, and economies restart after months under lockdown occasioned by the ‘still ravaging’ Coronavirus pandemic, global destinations are also reopening and inviting visitors for an abridged summer vacation.

The invitations are backed with assurances on safety, health and incentives, especially amazing discounts to woo would-be guests who are now unwilling to travel for the obvious reasons.

However, there are some wanderlusts who are willing to take the risk post Covid-19, to jet out to available destinations for leisure.

Considering the cost, cumbersome protocols and, most especially, health and safety concerns, it is better to look inwards for leisure going forward, if you must have fun.

Moreover, with the social distancing, fumigation and other safety protocols in place, airfares and hotel accommodation abroad are going to be very expensive, coupled with the very weak Naira.

So, if you are looking for somewhere very exclusive and yet safe to unwind post Covid-19, then read further to discover some of the beautiful places within.

Smokin Hills Golf Resort, Ilara Mokin in Ondo State, is one place to go with family or friends when normalcy returns. The golf resort, which is just 15 minutes from Akure, the Ondo State capital, is a relatively new offering, so pristine, enticing and will make a good escape. The resort sets on 140 acres of virgin land carved out of surrounding jungle and rolling hills that emit smoke early in the morning and also at dawn. The unique smoke feature, which is also where the resort derived it name, is something that will thrill any guest.

For golf enthusiasts, an experience at the resort will worth your time, stress and money.

If you are in the South East, there is no need traveling far for leisure again. There are unique places to unwind. Of course, Nike Lake Resort in Enugu State is one place that is evergreen because of the pristine environment and therapeutic impact of the natural lake resort. A few metres to the resort, you will behold with great awe the natural lake stretching over three kilometres with its incredible and rare aquatic population.

On getting closer, a look into the mud-coloured lake water mirrors not just your true self, but the whole essence of leisure. A deep of your feet into the water (though with caution), which chills all day long, will cool off the heat and stretch wornout body tissues.

Like a sort of confluence, a Vshape point on the lake seems to connect bold leisure seekers to another point of the lake that flows towards the hinterland of the Agbakpa-nike community. You can enjoy a ride on the lake with trained boat riders or if you are more daring, you can join the local fishermen. Pictures taken afterwards will tell the story of how much you enjoyed your escape.

Having enjoyed an environment that offers breathtaking views in secure and tranquil setting, visitors can retire into one of the resort’s 210 well-appointed and tastefully furnished rooms and suites, suitable for all tasted and budgets.

On a visit to Ibom Golf Hotel and Resort in Nwaniba, an outskirt of Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, you will discover that life is different and lovely. The greenness and friendly of everything around the golf resort will aid a memorable escape. It will be more fun trying to practice golf just for the sake of pictures, or holding the paddle in pretense of ridding a boat at the Nwaniba River in the resort.

There is an expanse of lush vegetation, top range of accommodation, set out lounge, private balconies and whatever you want for an escape at the resort.

Now that flights have resumed and hotels open, you can book your flight ahead on Air Peace,

Dana or Ibom Air to Uyo and to the resort. You can also drive, but it takes longer from places like Lagos and Abuja to get to Uyo.

If you are in Lagos and want something very exclusive, Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure; it is relatively new, sparkling, inviting and exclusive. Set in-between the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the resort offers a rustic living in a lush island haven, resonating air of simple luxury and refined elegance that makes it an ideal escape than vacation abroad.

There, you are in your own world. You do things your own way with mother nature as the only witness. There are many accommodation options, games, facilities and most importantly nature to enjoy-all at pocket friendly rates.

The resort is just 15 minutes boat ride from Paradise Jetty on Walter Carrington, Victoria Island. But if you are a spa fan, a visit to Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort in Ikoyi is fine. From the outside, the spa and accommodation outfit does not tell its true worth. Inside is a different story as garden full of rare flowers and well-trimmed grass lawn ooze freshness.

But the prime offering is the spa, managed by trained Balinese therapists. The therapists use their talents to send you into a journey away from reality, and that may just be a perfect escape. Whether you are an avid spa patron or have never experienced spa therapies, the intuitive experts will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. That is the reason you should try the spa going forward instead of traveling abroad for same experience.

The spa offers 10 treatment rooms – a dipping pool, scented steam showers, sauna, a fitness centre with state-of-the-art gym equipment and certified personnel to ensure personalised spa experience.

On offer are different spa treatments, including fitness and nutritional sessions, body massage, facial treatment, classic signature pedicure and manicure, California themed food and drink menu.

If you are in Abuja, you can visit the 5th Chukka Resort in Kaduna to enjoy the best of prime sports, unique accommodation and nature.

Remember, some people are leaving far places just to swim in the beach in your neighborhood, some are flying to see an exhibition in a local museum near you, while many are visiting a forest reserve in your village, but you hardly see sense in all these.

It is time to look inwards and patronise local attractions and destinations, especially after the coronavirus pandemic in order to enjoy unique offerings and boost domestic tourism as well.

But if you cannot afford any of these places or you are too far from any of these choice places, try something within. There is always something within; all you need do is to see them with new eyes. Do that and your leisure outing going forward will be memorable.

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