Our P.O.S machine is a portable device that allows business to accept credit or debit card payment from any bank for any transaction!

Our P.O.S machine help businesses reduce the stress of lifting cash from point of sales to the bank. It also eliminates the risk of loss or theft associated with carry chunk of cash about, it help businesses get rid of the stress of cashing cheques and the delays of cheques clearances.

  • Real-time transaction - the moment transaction is made, the value immediately hit the merchant or service agent account without waiting.
  • Our POS Machine has a secured method of payment compare to swipe and contact less method. It requires owner of the card to enter PIN during transaction with the bank.
  • Our POS Machine is a Chip based POS terminal is less likely to be damaged compare to magnetic swipe.
  • Due to quick payment, it saves time spent on POS (Point of Sale) locations compare to previous traditional methods.
  • Our POS Machine is purposely made to withstand all circumstance within Nigeria, more secured, it can work where there is little mobile network sevice.
  • It eliminates user errors found in traditional payment methods.
  • It has become very convenient to pay using digital mode of payment with the availability of POS terminals at retail shops, petrol bunks, shopping malls etc. It does not require person to carry the cash while going for purchase.

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