Our Multi-Purpose Cooperative Packages make's divers investment opportunities available to our members where they can choose from any of our products and services within the services we render as follows:


1. We have Daily Saving Enterprises scheme where our Mobile Service Agent (MSA) move around to assist our members collect their daily saving from their various individual business location.

2. Our Professional Money Lending Scheme is for members who may need a financial boost for their business, they can request for loan.

3. Our Network of Mobile Financial Services, can make use of Mobile Payment P.O.S in rendering financial services in their community, thereby bring banking services close to their communities.

4. Our Scel-Network Trust Fund (STF) is for our members who want to invest their money for a profitable returns from our cooperative divers investment opportunities.

5. Our Scel-Network Farmers Finance is for our cooperative farmers who want a soft loan to help them buy farming materials..

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