Rape: Way forward that can reduce risk

Rape: Way forward that can reduce risk

I shed tears when ever I hear the news of rape against women, children and most horrifying babies who are zero-year-old.

It occurs in streets, in bush, in religious service centres, in schools, in homes etc.

Rapists have no regard for age, race, gender or social status.

Help protect your children by taking the steps to protect them from sexual assault.

1 Children should be made aware of the dangers of accepting lift or sweet from strangers.

2 Mothers should encourage children to talk with them if they ever have  a problem, not only with a stranger but also with a friend, resident or relative.

3 Laws should be effective so as to protect the girl child, and bring culprits to justice as quickly as  possible.

4 Children should know a safe, well-travelled road to and from school. Also show them to avoid isolated areas

5 Female children should be taught that they must report to their parents anybody who tries to touch their private parts.

6 Mothers being naturally closer to children should have strong cordial relationship with the children to enable  them to confide in the mothers any event in their lives on a daily basis.

7 Children should not watch pornographic films. Children’s films should be scrutinised in order to prevent them from watching immoral films and videos.

8 Female children should be dressed properly to maintain the dignity of womanhood.

9 On no account should female children be left under the care of private male teachers, family drivers, male neighbours, or security guards alone.

10 Female children should be discouraged from sitting on the laps of males

11 When female children reach certain years, mothers should teach them how to take care of their private parts.

12 Parents should not delay investigation whenever their children report that someone touches any of their private parts.

13 Parents should avoid dressing in front of their children who are 2 or 3 years above; instead, ask them to leave.

14 Avoid forcing your children to go to someone who they don’t like.

15 Parents should be extra-careful and watchful whenever they notice their children don’t want to leave them for someone.

Abubakar Wada Azare is a Legislative Aide in 9th National Assembly. Abubakar Wada   wadaabubakar44@gmail.com

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