Susan Chanel makes waves with skincare business

Susan Chanel makes waves with skincare business

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Popular entrepreneur and cosmetologist, Susan Chanel, has continued to make waves with her skincare line of products.

When she founded the Susan Chanel Skin Beauty Line, her mandate was clear – to make African women beautiful while restoring their confidence and pride.

The UNILAG explains her quest and passion for cosmetics business prompted her to start a skincare line.

“I have always had this passion even back at the university. I sold cosmetics to my friends and from room to room in the hostel. I have always had passion for it.

“If you asked my friends, they would say the same thing. I have always had a dream of going into the cosmetics business because I love good skin and light skinned ladies. I love good skin because good skin makes a good impression,” she explained.

The young entrepreneur has since undergone professional formulation trainings to create a clean and sophisticated beauty brand that addresses specific and general consumer concerns, including dark skins, face and body spots, skin discoloration and exfoliation treatments, to name but a few.

Susan believes nature has more to offer than what exisiting products offer, which explains why she explores natural ingredients that can nurture, nourish and even repair the skin, and bring true wellness. This belief drives her to produce a unique line of body care products.

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According to her: “Susan Chanel Skin Beauty Line is initiated as an end for African women skin disorder. The average African skin is exposed to different disorders and imperfections due to the nature of our weather, poor diet, poor skincare routine and the quest for perfection with the wrong skin products containing harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the skin.

“At Susan Chanel Skin Beauty Line we are not only interested in making African women beautiful, we are here to restore the confidence and pride in the African woman. As we all know, the skin is the largest and most fragile organ of the body and should be treated with so much care and attention. A beautiful, glowing and flawless skin is the true beauty of a woman,” she stated.

As with any other business that comes with the challenge of facing stiff competition from similar brands, Susan believes that having a strong passion, commitment and determination are the keys to keeping afloat in the skincare business.

“Self-discipline is the key and you also need to have passion for what you do. Passion is the basic thing in running a business. If there is no passion, the moment any challenge comes, you would just want to give up. But when you have passion there is always the determination to succeed.

“I don’t really see anyone as a competitor. Susan Chanel is a brand that stands out amongst others. I think we lead and others follow. Our signature products speak for us, so I don’t see anyone as a competitor. The sky is wide for all the birds to fly. Susan Chanel is a unique brand and our clients can testify about us. Our brand is good and we sell authentic products. We don’t sell imitations,” she added.

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