Tranter IT rolls out free remote work solution

Tranter IT rolls out free remote work solution

Tranter IT rolls out free remote work solution

IT solution provider, Tranter IT has rolled out a digital solution that helps companies stay connected while working from their home at no cost.

The solution known as Zoho Remotely enables employees to work remotely by offering a complete suite of web and mobile applications that help them communicate, collaborate and be productive.

Since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have been on a lockdown enforced by different governments around the world. In Nigeria, the President Muhammadu Buhari declared a lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and FCT, while the various state governors also imposed movement restrictions aimed at containing the virus.

Nigeria has seen an increase in cases of the coronavirus. As of Wednesday, it had recorded 782 cases with 197 recovered and 25 deaths so far. With the rise in cases, a possible extension of the lockdown looks very likely.

However, with the Zoho Remotely companies can now work from the comfort of their homes without interruptions in their operations.

“We all know that face-to-face interactions and in-person collaborations are the best ways to work. The next best option is to work remotely,” Melanie Ayoola, executive director, Tranter IT said in a statement. “With the right set of apps, you can maintain a close-knit and productive working environment, no matter where your team is based,”

Zoho Remotely suite of apps enables companies to hold their team meetings, customer support calls, or important sales presentations in a seamless manner.

“As an IT support company we understand that working remotely can be overwhelming for any management, especially as it relates to monitoring and managing teams. 85 percent of our clients have reached out to us to help them strengthen their remote working operations while away from the office and onsite infrastructure,” she said. “We have had great success using these solutions and we decided to share with 5 online tools that we use daily and could not do without.”

Remotely will remain free till July 1, 2020 by which time the Coronavirus crisis would have ended.

“Let us help you take your team online. The switch to working remotely has never been easier. Let us show you how Zoho Remotely can make #RemoteWork is like a regular office day,” Melanie said.

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